The radial tyre developed exclusively for the Harley-Davidson® V-Rod®, Sportster®, Fat Boy®, and all Street models.

Why is this the right tyre for me?

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Radial carcass means a sporty temperament

Inspired by our supersport tyres, the MICHELIN Scorcher 11 is made with quality materials, such as aramid fiber used in the aviation industry. It has lightness and strength but also an unfailing stability at high speed for the SuperLow™ Sportster.

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The MICHELIN Scorcher 11 uses Silica Rain Technology

In order to stick as close to the excellence of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, our engineers have developed a rubber compound enriched in silica. This performance technology provides excellent grip on wet surfaces. It also guarantees a maximum life.

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An exclusive design for legendary scooters

Designed exclusively for Harley-Davidson® scooters, and co-branded Harley-Davidson®.

Apakah ban ini cocok dengan kendaraan saya?

7 ukuran yang tersedia




140/75 R15 65H
Lebar 140
Rasio aspek 75
Ukuran Ban 15
Indeks beban 65
Peringkat kecepatan H
100/80 -17 52H
Lebar 100
Rasio aspek 80
Ukuran Ban 17
Indeks beban 52
Peringkat kecepatan H
150/60 ZR17 (66W)
Lebar 150
Rasio aspek 60
Ukuran Ban 17
Indeks beban 66
Peringkat kecepatan (W)
160/60 R18 70V
Lebar 160
Rasio aspek 60
Ukuran Ban 18
Indeks beban 70
Peringkat kecepatan V
240/40 R18 79V
Lebar 240
Rasio aspek 40
Ukuran Ban 18
Indeks beban 79
Peringkat kecepatan V
120/70 ZR19 60W
Lebar 120
Rasio aspek 70
Ukuran Ban 19
Indeks beban 60
Peringkat kecepatan W
130/60 B21 63H
Lebar 130
Rasio aspek 60
Ukuran Ban 21
Indeks beban 63
Peringkat kecepatan H
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