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Michelin tyres for your TOYOTA

Michelin offer a large range of TOYOTA tyres for your model, simply input your TOYOTA model information and Michelin will guide you to the best tyres to fit your vehicle and performance needs. Enter your vehicle information into the tyre selector at the top of the page or select your TOYOTA Model below to see the tyres available from Michelin.

TOYOTA models

Kijang innova g c/s 2.0

4 runner

All new calya 1.2

All new rush 1.5 g

All new rush 1.5 g a/t

All new rush 1.5 trd sportivo

All new rush 1.5 trd sportivo a/t

All new rush g 1.5

All new rush trd sportivo 1.5

All new yaris e 1.5

All new yaris g 1.5

All new yaris trd sportivo 1.5

All newyaris 1.5 at trd sportivo

All newyaris 1.5 e

All newyaris 1.5 e at

All newyaris 1.5 g

All newyaris 1.5 g

All newyaris 1.5 g at

All newyaris 1.5 haykers

All newyaris 1.5 haykers at

All newyaris 1.5 trd sportivo



Alphard 2.4g

Alphard 2.4x

Alphard 2.5g

Alphard 2.5hybrid

Alphard 2.5x

Alphard 3.5



Auris hybrid

Auris ii

Auris ii hybrid

Auris ii touring sports

Auris ii touring sports hybrid


Avensis verso

Avensis wagon


Aygo ii

Aze151r rukus build 1

Aze151r rukus build 3

Aze151r rukus halo

C-hr 2wd

C-hr awd


Camry wagon

Carina e

Carina e wagon

Carina ii

Celica coupé

Celica gt-four st205


Corolla altis

Corolla coupé

Corolla ts

Corolla verso

Corolla wagon


Corona combi

Corona liftback



Etios sedan

Fj cruiser


Fortuner 2.5 g

Fortuner 2.5 g a/t 4x4

Fortuner 2.5 g at

Fortuner 2.5 g trd sportivo vnt at

Fortuner 2.5 g trd sportivo vnt mt

Fortuner 2.5 g trd sportivo vnt mt

Fortuner 2.7 fmc 2015 at

Fortuner 2.7 g lux

Fortuner 2.7 lux 4x2 at

Fortuner 2.7 trd sportivo lux 4x2 at

Fortuner 2.7 v 4x4 at

Fortuner 2.7v 4x4

Fortuner g 2.4 4x2 (diesel)

Fortuner g 2.4 4x4 (diesel)

Fortuner g 2.4 dsl fmc 2015 at

Fortuner g 2.7 dsl fmc 4x4 2015 at

Fortuner srz 2.7 4x2 (gasoline)

Fortuner srz 2.7 trd at

Fortuner trd 2.4 4x2 (diesel)

Fortuner trd 2.7 4x2 (gasoline)

Fortuner vrz 2.4 4x2 (diesel)

Fortuner vrz 2.4 4x4 (diesel)

Fortuner vrz 2.4 dsl fmc 2015 at

Fortuner vrz 2.4 trd at d

Fortuner vrz 2.7 dsl fmc 2015 4x4 at

Fzj80 landcruiser world cup

Ggn25r hilux trd 4000s double cab pick

Ggn25r hilux trd 4000sl double cab pick

Grand new avanza e 1.3

Grand new avanza g 1.3

Grand new avanza g 1.5

Gsv40r aurion trd 3500s

Gsv40r aurion trd 3500sl

Gt 86

Harrier 200t

Harrier 200t awd

Harrier 270

Harrier 300

Harrier 330

Harrier 350

Harrier 350 4wd

Harrier 350 awd

Harrier 400h

Harrier 450h

Harrier 450h awd


Hiace 4x4


Hilux 2wd

Hilux 4wd

Hilux dakar

Hilux dakar 2wd



Kijang innova e 2.0

Kijang innova e 2.0 at

Kijang innova e 2.0 std

Kijang innova e 2.5

Kijang innova e 2.5 std

Kijang innova g 2.0

Kijang innova g 2.4

Kijang innova g 2.5

All new c-hr 1.8

Kijang innova g cruiser 2.0

Kijang innova g luxury

Kijang innova j 2.0

Kijang innova q 2.0

Kijang innova v 2.0

Kijang innova v 2.4

Kijang innova v 2.5

Kijang innova v captain seat

Kijang innova v cs 2.0

Kijang innova v luxury

Land cruiser 100 (j10)

Land cruiser 150

Land cruiser 70

Land cruiser 76

Land cruiser 79

Land cruiser 80

Land cruiser 90

Land cruiser (j12)

Land cruiser (j70)

Land cruiser prado

Land cruiser station wagon 200 (j20)

Land cruiser station wagon (j10)

Land cruiser station wagon (j12)


Mcv20r vienta grande

Mcv20r vienta vxi


Modell f

Modell f 4x4

Mr (mk ii)

Mr-s (mk iii)

New alphard g 2.5

New alphard hv 2.5

New alphard q 3.5

New alphard x 2.5

New rush 1.5 s mt mi trd sportivo

New rush 1.5 s mt mi trd sportivo 7

New rush 1.5 s mt mi trd sportivo 7 at

New rush 1.5 s mt mi trd sportivo at

New rush 1.5 s mt mi trd sportivo ultimo

New rush 1.5 s mt mi trd sportivo ultimo at

New sienta e 1.5

New sienta g 1.5

New sienta q 1.5

New sienta v 1.5

New vellfire g 2.5

New vios e 1.5

New vios g 1.5

New voxy

Paseo coupé




Prius phev

Prius plus


Proace ii

Rav 4

Rav 4 ii

Rav 4 iii

Rav 4 iv (2wd)

Rav 4 iv (4wd)


Rush 1.5 g

Rush 1.5 g at

Rush 1.5 g at mi

Rush 1.5 g luxury

Rush 1.5 g luxury at

Rush 1.5 g mt mi

Rush 1.5 s

Rush 1.5 s at

Rush 1.5 s at mi

Rush 1.5 s mt mi

Rush 4wd


Sr40r spacia gxi mpv

Sr40r spacia gxi value pack mpv


Supra coupé

Supra konvertibel

T4 lexcen csi

T4 lexcen newport

T4 lexcen vxi

T5 lexcen csi

T5 lexcen newport

T5 lexcen vxi

Tarago getaway mpv

Tarago glx mpv

Tcr10 tarago adtage mpv

Urban cruiser

Urban cruiser awd

Vcv10r camry vienta intrigue



Verso s


Vp lexcen csi

Vp lexcen newport

Vp lexcen vxi

Vr lexcen csi

Vr lexcen newport

Vr lexcen vxi

Vzv10 camry vienta csi

Vzv10 camry vienta csx

Vzv10 camry vienta executive

Vzv10 camry vienta getaway csi

Vzv10 camry vienta grande

Vzv10 camry vienta touring

Vzv10 camry vienta ultima



Yaris 1.5 e

Yaris 1.5 e mt

Yaris 1.5 j

Yaris 1.5 j at

Yaris 1.5 s

Yaris 1.5 s at

Yaris 1.5 s ltd

Yaris 1.5 s trd sportivo

Yaris ii

Yaris ii mea

Yaris ii sedan

Yaris iii

Yaris iii hybrid

Yaris iii sedan

Yaris verso

Yr22 spacia gxi mpv

Yr39 townace


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