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Michelin offer a large range of FORD tyres for your model, simply input your FORD model information and Michelin will guide you to the best tyres to fit your vehicle and performance needs. Enter your vehicle information into the tyre selector at the top of the page or select your FORD Model below to see the tyres available from Michelin.

FORD models

Kh laser s


Au fairlane millennium

Au fairlane tl50

Au fairmont

Au fairmont ghia

Au ii fairlane

Au ii fairlane ghia

Au ii fairlane tl50

Au ii fairmont

Au ii fairmont ghia

Au ii ltd

Au iii fairlane ghia

Au iii fairlane tl50

Au iii fairmont

Au iii fairmont ghia

Au ltd

Av telstar tx5 ghia

Av telstar tx5 ghia turbo

Ay telstar ghia

Ay telstar glx

Ay telstar tx5 ghia

Ay telstar tx5 ghia 4ws


Ba fairlane g220

Ba fairlane ghia

Ba fairmont

Ba fairmont ghia

Ba ii fairlane g220

Ba ii fairlane ghia

Ba ii fairmont

Ba ii fairmont ghia

Ba ii ltd

Ba ltd

Bf fairlane g8

Bf fairlane ghia

Bf fairmont

Bf fairmont ghia

Bf ii fairmont

Bf ii fairmont ghia

Bf ltd


Connect ii

Connect lwb

Connect swb


Cougar st 200


Db ii ltd

Db ltd

Dc ltd

Df ltd

Dl ltd

Eb fairmont

Eb fairmont ghia

Eb ii fairmont

Eb ii fairmont ghia



Ed fairmont

Ed fairmont ghia


Ef fairmont

Ef fairmont ghia

El fairmont

El fairmont ghia


Escape hybrid

Escort iv

Escort iv clipper

Escort iv konvertibel

Escort iv rs

Escort v

Escort v konvertibel

Escort v rs

Escort vi

Escort vi clipper

Escort vi konvertibel

Escort vi rs

Escort vi rs 4x4

Escort vii

Escort vii 4x4

Escort vii clipper

Escort vii cosworth

Escort vii konvertibel

Escort vii rs

Escort vii rs 4x4

Escort vii xr3

Everest 4x2

Everest 4x4

Explorer (awd)



Fiesta iii

Fiesta iii rs turbo

Fiesta iii xr2

Fiesta iv

Fiesta v

Fiesta v st 150

Fiesta vi

Fiesta vi hatchback

Fiesta vi sedan

Fiesta vi st

Fiesta vi st 200



Focus c-max

Focus cc

Focus clipper

Focus electric

Focus ii

Focus ii rs

Focus ii sedan

Focus ii st

Focus ii sw

Focus iii

Focus iii rs

Focus iii sedan

Focus iii st

Focus iii st sw

Focus iii sw

Focus rs

Focus sedan

Focus st170

Focus st170 clipper


Fusion mea


Grand c-max



Ke ii laser

Kf laser ghia

Kf laser gl

Kf laser s

Kf laser tx3

Kf laser tx3 turbo 4wd

Kh laser ghia

Kh laser gl

Kh laser gl collection

Kh laser gli

Kh laser gli collection

Kh laser grand slam

Kh laser horizon

Au fairlane ghia

Kh laser tx3

Kh laser tx3 turbo 4wd

Kh laser xl

Kj iii laser glxi

Kj iii laser lxi

Kj iii laser lxi le

Kj laser ghia

Kj laser ghia liata

Kj laser lxi

Kj laser lxi liata

Kj laser lynx

Kn laser glxi

Kn laser lxi

Kn laser r

Kq laser glxi

Kq laser lxi

Kq laser sr

Kq laser sr2

Kuga 4x2

Kuga 4x4

Kuga ii 4x2

Kuga ii 4x4

Maverick lwb

Maverick swb


Mondeo 4x4

Mondeo 4x4 clipper

Mondeo clipper

Mondeo ii

Mondeo ii clipper

Mondeo ii st200

Mondeo iii

Mondeo iii clipper

Mondeo iii clipper st220

Mondeo iii st220

Mondeo iv

Mondeo iv sedan

Mondeo iv sw

Mondeo v

Mondeo v awd

Mondeo v sw

Mondeo v sw awd

Mondeo v sw vignale

Mondeo v vignale


Mustang gt

Mustang gt konvertibel

Mustang konvertibel

Mustang shelby gt 500

Nb fairlane

Nb fairlane ghia

Nb ii fairlane

Nb ii fairlane ghia

Nc fairlane

Nc fairlane ghia

Nf fairlane

Nf fairlane ghia

Nl fairlane ghia

Nl fairlane ghia concorde

Nl fairlane ghia special edition



Raider 4x4

Raider 4x4 breakaway

Ranger i

Ranger ii

Ranger iii


Sa ii capri

Sa ii capri turbo

Sc capri barchetta

Sc capri clubsprint

Sc capri xr2

Sc capri xr2 turbo

Se capri barchetta

Se capri clubsprint

Se capri xr2

Se capri xr2 turbo

Sierra clipper

Sierra clipper 4x4

Sierra cosworth 4x4

Sierra coupé

Sierra hatchback

Sierra rs

Sierra rs cosworth

Sierra xr4i

Sport ka

Street ka

Tourneo courier

Tourneo custom

Transit connect

Transit connect ii

Transit courier

Transit custom

Transit custom kombi

Transit ft 100 l

Transit ft 100 s

Transit ft 120

Transit ft 130

Transit ft 150 l

Transit ft 150 s

Transit ft 190 l

Transit ft 230 s

Transit ft 260

Transit ft 280

Transit ft 300 l

Transit ft 300 m

Transit ft 300 s

Transit ft 330 l

Transit ft 330 m

Transit ft 330 s

Transit ft 350 sasis dua kabin

Transit ft 350 sasis satu kabin

Transit ft 350 van

Transit ft 80

Transit kombi

Transit van

Transit van 4x4

Ua corsair ghia

Ua corsair gl

Wa festiva

Wa festiva trio

Wb festiva gli

Wb festiva gli grand slam

Wb festiva trio

Wb festiva trio grand slam

Wd festiva gli

Wd festiva glxi

Wd festiva trio

Wd festiva trio s

Wf festiva gli

Wf festiva gli demon

Wf festiva glxi

Wf festiva trio

Wf festiva trio demon

Wf festiva trio s


Xg falcon gli longreach

Xg falcon tradesman

Xh falcon gli longreach

Xh falcon tradesman longreach

Xh ii falcon gli longreach

Xh ii falcon tradesman


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