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Motoring enthusiasts are well-known for their passion for all things automotive. Whether it is the latest car technologies, luxury cars, vintage cars or racing gear, people who love their machines love it all. We have curated a selection of videos, galleries and articles to take you into well-known events to live the world of motoring.

MICHELIN Presents: Every Gesture Counts

Discover the brands that share the same passion.

Experience the genuine passion that brings excellence to life. Get a close up look at some of the world’s best craftsmen, and discover the countless perfect gestures that lead to the perfect driving moment.

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Michelin Official Tyre of Roborace

Roborace names Michelin as its official tyre partner. Michelin has been working secretly at its testing facilities and sharing over 125 years of its expertise with Roborace to develop an exclusive solution for the ultimate ‘Robocar’, designed by Daniel Simon, which will feature next-generation Michelin road tyres to be used in the series.

Roborace partners with the best suppliers in the world to push the limits of autonomous development to places never imagined. The tyres are critical as they must be capable of handling the speeds and rigours of a new format of racing when the Roborace series begins. Equally, the tyres must be suitable for use on standard road cars, as one of the key goals of the series is to develop software and hardware that accelerates the speed to market of driverless technology that will benefit the end consumer.

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